50 Ways to Feel Like a Millions Bucks

We all get down sometimes. Often we resort to retail therapy, a few drinks, or social media to feel better. But the relief they provide never lasts.

Below are 50 tried and true ways to feel great about yourself.

This is in addition to the basic stuff like eating well, sleeping well, getting exercise, and writing a gratitude list.

I hope you notice a theme…

  1. Buy a homeless guy lunch.
  2. Offer your seat to a stranger who looks like he/she would enjoy it.
  3. Bring flowers home to your partner, and send flowers to your mother.
  4. Call your mom and just let her talk.
  5. Call your mom and tell her how grateful you are for instilling in you the gift of ______.
  6. Bring a box of pastries to the office and leave them in the break room with a little sign that says, “Eat Me.”
  7. Buy 4 tickets to a show and invite your friends.
  8. Pick up the tab for coffee or lunch with a co-worker.
  9. Take a kid to a baseball game.
  10. Stop and join whatever organization that person on the street asking people if they want to “Save the Rainforest” is working for.
  11. Leave a cute note in the luggage of your partner before he/she heads to the airport.
  12. Offer to pick-up your partner from said airport when he/she returns.
  13. Give your umbrella to someone walking in the rain with their kids.
  14. Pay for the coffee or toll for the stranger behind you in line.
  15. Say yes anytime a young person reaches out to ask for career advice.
  16. Send your best friend a hand written letter.
  17. Say, “Thank you for your service,” anytime you learn someone is a veteran.
  18. Nominate a talented friend for an award in his/her industry.
  19. Stop and offer to take photos for tourists.
  20. Hold doors open. For everyone.
  21. Tell a little girl how smart she is.
  22. Tell a little boy how kind he is.
  23. Write positive reviews for small businesses that make your life easier.
  24. Resist the temptation to write negative reviews about small businesses, unless they are dangerously negligent in some way.
  25. Pick up litter.
  26. Hail a cab and open the door for a person who’s carrying things.
  27. Make a toast to your friend, partner, family member to recognize him/her for an accomplishment, or for just being a great person.
  28. Give someone your full attention.
  29. Pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor.
  30. Listen intently to a street performer for a full song, and then give her $5.
  31. Pull the car over and buy lemonade anytime you see a kid selling it.
  32. Carry a package for your neighbor upstairs and leave it by their door.
  33. Proactively reach out and offer a supportive ear if you hear a friend is having relationship, family, or employment troubles.
  34. Learn a magic trick and perform it for a child.
  35. Show up and give a standing ovation anytime a friend of your gives a live performance.
  36. Call a little old lady “Miss” and tell her she looks lovely today.
  37. Plan a birthday party for a friend, lover, or family member.
  38. Offer to put luggage in the overhead compartment for someone.
  39. Let an old man be a gentleman to you in some way (e.g. hold the door, offer you his seat)
  40. Volunteer — and not just around the holidays.
  41. Be the first person to write a check if a friend runs for office.
  42. Buy one of whatever that kid in the park or the subway is selling.
  43. Give your partner a foot, back, or head massage.
  44. Say, “You might be right” anytime you find yourself in a stupid argument.
  45. Give your miles to a friend who needs to travel on short notice for a family emergency.
  46. Mentor a child who needs a good role model.
  47. Literally help a little old lady across the street.
  48. Ask your dad to tell you the story of how he met your mother. Again.
  49. Surprise your family, partner, or roommates with a hot breakfast on a Sunday morning.
  50. Share this with a friend who needs it.