Selected Testimonials 


"Edward is hands down the most insightful executive coach I've ever worked with. Working with him over the last two years has been transformative in improving my effectiveness as a finance executive. Every session allows me to see my patterns and blind spots, and helps me develop better leadership habits. I'd highly recommend him to any finance executive who is looking to operate at peak performance with less stress."   

Kevin, Managing Director, UBS


"Edward led me through a transformative process of self-evaluation and reflection. During a four month period, I came to realize my own professional strengths and weaknesses, as perceived by my co-workers and superiors. Addressing my personal growth opportunities in a targeted and mature manner has allowed me to move into positions of increasing responsibility within months - and prepare for future roles also. Without any doubt, it would not have been possible without Edward's direction and honest support!"

Robert, Bechtel Corporation


"Working with Edward has been absolutely invaluable to my professional journey. He helped me see my blindspots and develop a leadership style that's allowed me to take huge leaps forward in my career."

Julia, Boston Consulting Group

"Edward has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and helped me achieve a balanced approach to conflict resolution and negotiations. I am extremely happy to recommend Edward as his coaching has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth as a leader. I look forward to learning more from him in the coming months and years."
George, Neurosurgeon 
"In every session with Edward he is able to draw incisive insights from the facts I share with him, and connect the dots for me, providing fruitful exercises and actionable projects in my day to day work and personal life. I highly recommend Edward's coaching services, and I am so glad to have had the privilege of working with him!"
Gene, Fund Manager